About Boland Private Vehicle Finance

In 2010 Mr. Eddie Nortier (Snr.) initiated the Blue Chip Dealer Association, which is an association of the Industry leaders of Independent dealers in retail vehicle sales. This organisation is now a National Association in collaboration with Lightstone Auto (One of the leaders in the vehicle retail IT market regarding platforms and other developments) with a current membership in excess of 80 members. The aim is to create a platform of reputable motor vehicle dealers following a strict code of conduct and offering aspiring customers a secure environment to compliment their purchase.

After much deliberation, the company now known as Boland Private Vehicle Finance CC was started up on 19.01.2015. From a single office the business started operating and then started growing rapidly in 2016, necessitating bigger premises and more staff.

Near the end of 2017 Henco Hugo, previously employed by Nortier Motors, joined BPVF and is currently heading the office and serving on the board of directors.

BPVF has started out facilitating finance transactions of motor vehicles only and has since expanded to the finance of industrial equipment, farming equipment, leisure items (boats, motorcycles, caravans and trailers) etcetera.

BPVF also managed together with Nortier Motors to secure an “open book” with most leading financial institutions. It means that our company is one of a few being able to originate finance not only for vehicle, but also for leisure items (Caravans, trailers, motorbikes, boats etc.), industrial equipments (Digger Loaders, Trucks of all size, Specialised trailers etc.), farming equipment (Tractors, Harvesting equipment, etc.) and many other types of finance.

Over the last 3 years we have established good ties with manufacturers and importers over a broad spectrum and we are continuously striving to broaden our horizons to create the taylor-made finance for each customer.


Our History

The history of Boland Private Vehicle Finance stretches over a period more than 24 years of building a reputable and innovative Company in the vehicle retail sector.

From humble beginnings the company soon became well known throughout the Boland, and even beyond, as a reliable and trustworthy company with integrity as their main focus.

Since then the company grew to one of the biggest retail outlets in used vehicles in the Boland area. In 2002 Nortier Motors moved to a very prominent site in Worcester and the business just grew from strength to strength. Today the company is known nationally as a leader in the retail of upper-market used vehicles with an impeccable reputation with customers and service-providers.

BPVF was founded in 2014 as an extension of our mother company Nortier Motors, a family owned enterprise which has been active in used vehicle retail since 1996.

Our Mission

  • We will ensure that all transactions entered into are fair and is done with integrity to all parties involved.
  • Our customers are our biggest asset and we will at all times ensure that we keep our customer’s best interest at heart.
  • All transactions will be done with full transparency and thus protecting all the parties thereto.
  • We ensure our customers that we will do our utmost to secure proper finance for them.
  • We will respect the privacy of all our customers, and undertake to make no personal information available to third parties without their consent.
  • We will treat our customers in a professional manner and with the due respect and aim to deliver the best possible service at all times.

Marketing Plans

To date our company has mainly grown by the referrals and although we still believe that this is the best way to establish a sound foundation for any business, we also believe that continuous marketing in all spheres is a necessity.

We are currently developing a range of “technological adverts” and a website with a team of experts in order to use technology to the fullest of its capacity for marketing.

Furthermore we are intensively researching possible different finance companies in order to give our applicant the widest possibility to secure the needed finance. This together with our goals (as set out below) should ensure good marketing.


    Our company goals are as follow:

  • Through constant research and innovative ideas, to create a company that will be the leader in its field of expertise.
  • Through superb service develop our brand to be the leader in our industry.
  • To ensure a great working environment for staff and have efficient and well trained staff that enjoys their association with our company.
  • To always put the best interest of our customers first and to be known for our impeccable integrity and professionalism at all times.